The protection and preservation of our natural heritage has become a collective necessity. The imeo® brand was created to actively take part in this objective, and marry technology with the protection of our environment.

About us

The imeo® brand was created to unite a collection of technological materials aimed at applications contributing to the protection, preservation and respect of the environment.

Our team has both the know-how and experience enabling us to develop innovative equipement and guarantee its expert manufacture.

Our key words are: reliability, responsiveness, innovation, customer satisfaction.

Our efforts are oriented towards making the most of our skills, contributing to natural heritage management services by offering equipment developed to be best suited to the environments in which it is used.

Our direct contact with customers permits quick responsiveness as much in relation to the development of our ranges as to specialized services, in order to meet the smallest requirements.

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a need, an idea?
you require adaptation, modification or upgrading of existing equipment or, realizing ideas and needs, with a simple description of your request: feel free to contact us, our team is at your disposal.

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Our team

From design to manufacture, experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers work towards the quality of our products.

Our advisory and maintenance services, as well as periodical inspections are carried out as quickly as possible to satisfy the user's requirements

Commitments adapted to the environment